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About Director Skills

Director Skills is part of the portfolio of websites operated by entrepreneur Mark Mills, detailing the advice and guidance he can offer to company directors, or those wishing to reach that level of management.


Design a functional website that adopts a corporate look that will appeal to the target audience – namely company directors or high ranking management staff hoping to make the next step to reach that level of authority.


The site was designed to showcase Mark’s experience and skill base, and does so via a clear and crisp design that is uncluttered and contains a highly visible contact form on every page to generate maximum possible feedback from interested clients.

The colour scheme incorporates primary colours – two tones of blue against a white background – intended to create a welcoming yet formal feel.


Director Skills have a website that is constantly making a call to action to its readers, encouraging them to interact with the site via the ‘Request a Call Back’ contact form that sits above the fold on every page. When details are sent via this form, it generates an e-mail to Mark, who can quickly act upon the lead to get in contact with potential new clients.

The consistency of approach in the site – including headers that remain consistent throughout and set photo sizes that maintain the same position on every page – give it a professional and authoritative look, which is bound to attract the attention of the corporate market this site sets out to attract.

Incorporating the latest news as a feature that can be found on every page means the entire site will constantly feel as though it’s updated each time a single news article is uploaded. This is good for SEO, and adds extra value to returning readers who can head to any page and hopefully find updated content each time they visit.

This site is now an ideal brochure with which Mark Mills can attract new clients.

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