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About Mark Mills is the website for entrepreneur Mark Mills. It acts as a blog and promotional tool, also offering e-commerce facilities through which to sell e-books.


Create and implement a new web presence to help generate new business enquiries and promote the various interests of Mark Mills.

Implement the facility to purchase and deliver an e-book through PayPal and provide easy to use administrative tools through which to control and update the website.


An advanced website was created using the latest XHTML, CSS and table-less design techniques. These all help to ensure optimum load times and ease of access.

The site involves a number of features including an advanced news system which features heavy search engine optimization. This will help attract and develop traffic.

Other features include newsletter subscription, RSS subscription, availability calendar and social networking links. These are all designed to help grow a regular audience on the site, and allow visitors to stay up to date with Mark's activities with ease.

An advanced web-based administration panel was provided through which Mark and his staff members can easily update the website - they have the facility to instantly add news items, send out newsletters, control user comments and adjust e-commerce prices.


Mark Mills now has a fantastic promotional tool which provides interested parties with frequently updated news and information.

The ability to self update the website ensures Mark will be able to deliver content quickly and easily, helping to further establish his credentials as an entrepreneur and speaker.

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