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About Premier Fire Solutions Ltd.

A leading Fire Protection company based in Lancashire, with engineers operating across the UK.


To design a web-based management system for the company to control their job, customer, supplier and engineer records through.

To provide robust data download and search facilities within said systems.


After a free on-site consultation, I familiarised myself with the company's existing systems - which were mainly paper based. I then created a powerful web-based system, allowing their engineers across the country to gain access to information quickly and easily from any location.

The system contains extensive administrative options, allowing the office management team to customize numerous options for jobs and to download data quickly. They have comprehensive options to control and contact all system users.

Data download options include instant Excel spreadsheet generation, based on whatever data the user has selected to display. Similar options are also available in printable format.

The job area allows engineers and administrators alike to use numerous search options to help filter through scheduled jobs, view their information, amend their status and generate location/directions maps instantly.

All sections are complemented by a notes system, allowing engineers and administrators to add details to various records quickly and easily.

A calendar system affords a quick overview of all engineer's current tasks and locations. This is backed up by a job duplication system allowing the company to schedule routine jobs years in advance - all within a matter of seconds. The system automatically avoids inappropriate dates and days of the week to assure the rescheduling falls on the correct date.


Premier Fire Solutions now have a readily accessible system that helps cut down phone calls and paperwork, increases engineer independence and allows the company to track their activities far more easily.

The CRM has increased both communication and service levels, helping to increase profitability in the long-term.

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