I've worked on everything from static websites to complex web applications with several hundred million database records. Whether you need help creating something from scratch, completing a project or improving an existing setup, I can help.
Harvey Walsh
Working within a team of developers, DBAs and analysts developing web applications for a leading medical analytics company licenced to use NHS data. Initial role involved creation of a custom report generator for an application used by NHS organisations and pharmacies, allowing users to build charts and tables based on numerous custom metrics.

Bulk of role involved building functionality into the company’s Axon360 application, used by major pharma companies to generate a variety of data insights from databases consisting of several hundred million records. Tasks included generating on-the-fly infographics, exporting analysis reports to PDF, Excel and Powerpoint, creation of custom search systems and extensive cross-browser testing.

Also responsible for the redevelopment of an API used by a major pharmaceutical company to co-ordinate the prescription and delivery of a particular drug within the NHS, as well as the integration of an Angular based scrum-board application into the company’s existing task management software.

Technologies: PHP, MySQL, HTML, CSS, Javascript, jQuery, Angular, Web Services, CakePHP, PHPUnit, Selenium, HighCharts, DataTables, SVN
Harvey Walsh
Created a bespoke web application allowing users to create and send SMS messages, voice messages and email messages to contact lists. Used by several blue-chip clients, the application has been used to process several million SMS messages.

Developed extensive reporting functionality allowing users to track messages, access delivery receipts and manage inbound SMS replies. Also built an inhouse CRM allowing staff to quickly generate PDF and Excel invoices based on the volumes sent through the application.

Project involved heavy use of Web Services, integration with multiple different parties, close attention to database structure/performance and elements involving use of QR/Barcodes.

Technologies: PHP, MySQL, HTML, CSS, Javascript, jQuery, XML, Web Services, IIS
Worked with the company over two periods in both onsite and offsite roles to develop the company’s suite of PHP and MySQL powered websites and CRM applications.

Work included a custom built telephone calls system for tele-sales staff (using an MSSQL database containing over 1,000,000 business records) that filtered suitable businesses dependent on industry and location, tracked staff calls, call time and conversion rates.

Produced numerous reporting and management tools within the CRM to allow the company to manage the database of over 300,000 card-holders, communicate with them and to generate reports for existing or prospective clients. Many features included a heavy focus on automation in order to reduce staff and administration time.

Technologies: PHP, MySQL, MSSQL, HTML, CSS, Javascript, jQuery, Web Services, IIS, Google Maps
Redeveloped PHP/MySQL platform for leading online auction website. Restructured database queries and storage methodology to resolve numerous bottle-necks that were impacting performance as the business went through a period of rapid growth.

The large and active database involved several million records. Produced additional reporting tools, many with automation, to allow staff members to access data for client reporting. Included heavy use of PHP Excel and PDF libraries. Created a RESTful API allowing an iPhone application to upload auction data and images.

Worked closely with multiple parties to transfer the platform in-house after the company was acquired by Manheim Auctions (the largest automobile auction company in the world).

Technologies: PHP, MySQL, HTML, CSS, Javascript, Web Services, IIS
Pennington Choices
Developed bespoke EPC Portal allowing national property services firm to provide reports to end clients and to allow Energy Assessors to login and manage their assigned tasks.

Functionality included a system to automatically parse and store XML based EPC Certificates, in multiple formats, to allow clients to generate and export reports with their chosen data fields.

The portal significantly reduced staff administration time through automating processes whilst also providing clients with instant access to their data.

Technologies: PHP, MySQL, MSSQL, HTML, CSS, Javascript, jQuery, XML, AWS, Linux
Pennington Choices
Developed e-commerce site listing tens of thousands of coach holidays with numerous back-end management functions for coach operators.

Co-ordinated with multiple parties to implement automated processing of holiday data through a variety of APIs. Heavy use of geo-location logic to allow users to locate holidays by distance and to send automated SMS and email marketing alerts.

Significant Javascript scripting to allow operators to view and manage coach seating plans with a visual interface.

Technologies: PHP, MySQL, HTML, CSS, Javascript, Prototype, Web Services, Linux, Google Maps
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